Decades of Helping

In the early 1950’s, many men came to the East Texas area in search of work on the railroads or oilfields. Those who couldn’t get or keep work often became homeless, sleeping and eating wherever they could. However, in 1955 something changed.

Hiway 80 Rescue Mission

Several local pastors saw the problem. Thanks to the efforts of these clergymen, Hiway 80 Rescue Mission was established.

Women & Family Shelter

The Women & Family Shelter (formerly known as Hope Haven) was established in 1998 to accommodate the increasing population of homeless women and single mothers with children.

The New Creation Discipleship & Recovery Program

In 2002, the ministry began to see the need for programs that would help individuals struggling with life controlling issues. The New Creation Discipleship/Recovery Program was created.

Community/Youth Outreach Program

Through events like the Family Christmas party, Family Easter Egg hunt, and Camp Rescue, the mission is making contact with and reaching out to children and families to share the Gospel message.

Family Cottages

2014 saw the completion of of the Women and Family Shelter family cottages. These cottages provide a more secure space for families, and create more of a sense of home and belonging. The number of women and children in homelessness continues to increase, and the family cottages have been a wonderful factor in contributing to the long term success of moms in shelter.

New Direction Program

2015 saw the establishment of the New Direction program at the Women and Family Shelter. Encouraged by the success of the men's New Creation Discipleship/Recovery Program, the New Direction Program for women is an intensive, Christ centered program aimed at helping women gain victory over the abuse, abandonment, and neglect of the past.

Hiway 80 Rescue Mission expands their ministry to Tyler, TX

Hiway 80 Rescue Mission expands their ministry to Tyler, TX by acquiring Gateway to Hope Day Center. Along with an opportunity to come inside out of the weather and enjoy a cup of coffee and a snack, the day center provides showers, laundry, mail service and computer access for homeless and impoverished residents of Tyler. Other basic services such as a medical clinic and hair cuts are also available at Gateway to Hope. Case managers at Gateway to Hope seek to help homeless individuals identify and overcome the issues that have caused their homelessness.

Triumph Village Opens in Tyler, TX

Triumph Village began with the goal of providing the New Creation Discipleship program and housing for men in Tyler. This program gives men the opportunity to address and overcome life controlling addictions while building a healthy network of support in their own community.

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