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We’re All About Reaching Our Community’s Most Needy

We are commissioned by our Lord to help the poor and needy not only when it is convenient, but when the needs arise. Therefore in our community of East Texas we hear the cries of the alcoholic, drug addicted, and the single woman or mother who has suffered from domestic violence that does not have an advocate. We share the pain of the family that is living in their car, under a bridge or in the near-by wooded area. Hiway 80 Rescue Mission has been reaching out and touching these lives for over 60 years. Our community has also heard their cries and has come alongside of us so together we can begin to make a difference.

So far this year, your gift has helped provide…
Lodging Nights
Meals Served
Services Performed
Individuals receiving clothing
*numbers are as of 9/30/21
Latest News
~New Twin Sheet Set Drive at the Mission~

Providing shelter 365 days a year, sheets get washed so frequently that they wear out very quickly! We have 250 beds Mission-wide (3 campuses) that need sheets and it is a NEED that we ALWAYS have. Thank you to EVERYONE who has donated to this need! We have received 221 sets of the 250 needed! We get them dropped off at the administrative office or get surprise calls saying that 1 set or 5 sets or even 15 sets will be arriving in the mail! EACH AND EVERY set COUNTS and makes a difference! Our Donors are AMAZING! We could not do what we do or be part of the life changing transformations through Jesus Christ that we see EVERY DAY if it were not for YOU! Sheets can be dropped off or shipped directly to the Administrative office.
Amelia Heatherly
C/O Hiway 80 Rescue Mission
3123 W. Marshall Avenue
Longview TX 75604

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Upcoming Events
Longview Men's New Creation Discipleship Program Graduation

Please join us for the graduation ceremony of our latest group of gentlemen completing the 10 month New Creation Discipleship Program on October 12th, 2021 at 7:00 p.m. at the Patsy Lacy Griffith Chapel 3117 W. Marshall Avenue, Longview, TX 75604. We would like to show how much the community loves and supports them in their new lives through Jesus Christ!

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Our Solution To Fight Homelessness In Our Community
Provide over 187,000 meals per year
Women & Family Shelter and Programs
Men's Shelter and Recovery Programs
Medical Clinics in Longview and Tyler
Tyler Meals, Services, and Day Programs
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