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What we do

The men who come to Hiway 80 Rescue Mission may start out only seeking shelter, but all the men who come to us need help, guidance and to know someone cares about them. We show them we care by helping them break the downward spiral of addiction, by building up their self esteem, by teaching them about God’s love and showing them that they can make a new start in life. We provide shelter, meals, and clothing; however, Hiway 80 is focused much more on their future.

General Services for Men
  • Emergency Shelter

  • New Creation Discipleship Program

  • Clothes Closet

  • Showers/Laundry

  • Mail Services

Services offered by our Guest Ministries
  • Referral services to mental health agencies           

  • Assistance in obtaining housing

  • Assistance in obtaining disability insurance payments

  • Assistance in obtaining identification

  • Referrals for employment

  • Health care facility referrals

  • Financial management classes

  • Daily devotions and chapel services

  • Professional work clothes

  • Assistance with transportation to necessary appointments

Emergency Shelter

Provided they’re not under the influence of drugs or alcohol, walk-in guests of the Hiway 80 Rescue Mission are offered a bed, along with showers, food, clothing, care and spiritual support. Shelter use is not an answer to homelessness, but a first step to self-sufficiency. We provide shelter, food, and clothing in a safe, healthy, Christian environment while exposing people to the Gospel of Jesus Christ and making them aware of community resources.

The goal for each guest is to identify the issue(s) that have created the state of homelessness and begin to address those issues, so they can transition into a long-term solution. Our guests are encouraged to join the Mission’s long-term recovery programs to get to the root causes of their homelessness so they can end it permanently.

New Creation Discipleship Program

For many men, the New Creation Program is the opportunity for a new start. Their lives have been derailed by alcohol abuse, drug abuse, or other destructive behaviors.  They are searching for a new direction, and the New Creation Program gives them that new direction. The men in these 10-month classes learn how to make the right choices for their lives and surrender their lives to God.  Life skills classes and recovery classes are provided to help the men move forward with a life of fulfillment and purpose.  Men in the program are also involved in daily work therapy and assignments.  These chores help men learn the responsibility and self-discipline necessary for long-term growth.

All the men are required to attend daily devotionals and memorize scripture on a weekly basis.  Each man also meets with a case manager once a week who provides the opportunity for encouragement, self-examination, and accountability.  Program participants are also offered advice on steps to take to continue their spiritual development through case management.

Twice a year, the Mission holds a graduation service for the men who have completed the New Creation Program.  For some men, it is the first graduation service of any kind they have participated in.  For all of them, it is a great accomplishment.  These men have learned a new way of living that can break the cycle of homelessness and destructive behavior. Graduates of the New Creation Program have gone on to college, obtained full time employment, restored relationships with family members, and seen how God blesses them when they surrender.  Through the New Creation Program, the Road to a New Life starts here.

Devoted to a Better Life

Men in the Discipleship Program are required to connect with a local church and local recovery group.  This helps men to begin to develop a spiritual foundation outside of the Mission.  It also provides a positive group of Godly people to help them in fellowship and accountability.

Services provided to men who join our New Creation Discipleship Program

  • Discipleship classes

  • Life Skills classes

  • Devotionals

  • Case management

  • Relapse prevention classes

  • Discipleship workbooks

  • Work therapy

  • Peer accountability

  • Recovery skills

  • Bible study/Scripture memorization

  • Tutoring

  • Counseling

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