Women & Family Services

Serving the Needs of Homeless Women and Mothers with Children

We have seen an increase at our Women & Families Shelter due to the lack of affordable housing, inadequate employment training and a troubled national economy. We offer food clothing, shelter, and gospel services. Hiway 80 Rescue Mission provides solace and hope in the face of abuse, addiction or financial problems. Our Women & Families Shelter provides beds for at-risk women and children, along with physical, emotional and spiritual support in a safe, family oriented environment.

 Single women and mothers work hard to get their lives on the right track and provide stability for themselves and their family. Hiway 80 offers these women a safe place to stay while providing them with the tools to help them rebuild their lives.

Family Cottages

Our family cottages have been a wonderful factor in contributing to the long-term success of moms in shelter. These cottages provide a secure space for families, and create a since of home and belonging. Children are enrolled in school so they can keep up with their education.

Intensive 9-month Christ-centered Program

Our New Direction Program is a nine-month, intensive, Christ centered program aimed at helping women gain victory over the abuse, abandonment, and neglect of the past. We want to help women end the cycle of homelessness and address specific needs in their lives. The New Direction discipleship program focuses on case management, Bible studies, and work therapy to encourage women to grow in their identity in Christ.

We offer the following services for women and children:
  • Bible study

  • Counseling

  • GED preparation

  • Tutoring

  • Life-skills training

  • Parenting skills classes

  • Money management

  • Case management

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