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Our Mission

At Hiway 80 Rescue Mission, we preach and teach the word of God while winning souls to Jesus Christ. We accomplish this by providing - food, shelter, clothing and the opportunity to hear and receive the Gospel.


We are commissioned by our Lord to help the poor and needy not only when it is convenient, but when the needs arise. Therefore in our community of East Texas we hear the cries of the alcoholic, drug addicted, and the single woman or mother who has suffered from domestic violence that does not have an advocate. We share the pain of the family that is living in their car, under a bridge or in the near-by wooded area.

Reaching Our Community’s Most Needy ‒ Hiway 80 Rescue Mission has been reaching out and touching these lives for over 60 years. Our community has also heard their cries and has come alongside of us so together we can begin to make a difference.

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