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Our Solution to Fight Homelessness in Our Community:

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When Ronnie was a little boy, he wanted to be just like his dad. “He was an alcoholic and, as a very young child, I’d drink leftover beer in his bottle or can,” he says. “When I got old enough to open the can, I’d get the first drink out of it.”
Weary Hearts Rejoice With parents rarely home, and a brother deep in a world of drugs, Jerry fell into a lifestyle modeling his family’s. “I can remember being a little kid and having to carry backpacks full of drugs,” he shares. 
Mr. Fry, a dear friend and volunteer, came for a special visit to the mission in July. He and his wife, Margret, volunteered at the mission for about four years, tutoring men and women and checking Bible lessons for the guys in the New Creation program. Mr. & Mrs.
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