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Creative Ways to Help Us

Our ministry appreciates all that you have done in helping others through your generous prayers, volunteerism, gift in kind and financial support.

Without your compassion of reaching out and making a difference in the lives of the least, the lost, and the forgotten our efforts in our community would be futile.

Cash Gifts:

Cash gifts are always needed and appreciated in the continuous work of Hiway 80 Rescue Mission.

Memorial Gifts:

To honor your loved one (no amount will be mentioned).

Property Deed, Stocks and Securities:

Either an outright deed of a home or income property, a deed with retention of a life interest, or stocks, bonds or other securities.

Donate Vehicles

Cars, Trucks, Vans, Boats

Charitable Remainder Trust:

Naming Hiway 80 Rescue Mission as beneficiary can provide income to the donor for years and also help the homeless.

Life Insurance and Retirement Plan:

This includes policies and funds which name Hiway 80 Rescue Mission as beneficiary. Premiums are tax deductible when the Rescue Mission is named as the policy owner.

Last Will and Testament:

Naming Hiway 80 Rescue Mission as beneficiary in a will or living trust helps to provide lasting support women, children and men.

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