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"You've got to turn it over to God"

Paula called herself a Christian because she grew up in a Christian home. But while the Gospel was etched into her head, it wasn’t written on her heart.

Her husband was abusive. “You make your bed and you lie in it,” she says. “I was with him for 27 years, raised his two sons, my two children from a previous marriage and a child we had together.” When the marriage ended, Paula became depressed. “I was a shell,” she says. “My heart was dark, I had no real joy in my life.”

Paula lived on her own for 10 years, harboring this “void” in her heart. Then, for a time, she moved “from place to place,” living with her children, with relatives and finally with a friend, until there was nobody left to turn to.

With “nowhere else to go,” Paula was referred to the Mission and our Women & Family Shelter. “I was in shock that I was in a homeless shelter,” she remembers. “It took me a while to realize that I was not only physically homeless, but homeless in my heart!”

Kindly but firmly, the staff kept telling Paula, “You’ve got to turn it over to God.” And when Paula finally decided that she couldn’t fix her problems, couldn’t “make them better,” that’s when things started looking up.

Paula came into the Mission in May of 2013 and left to live on her own in January of the following year. Today, she’s rebuilding her relationship with her children, and with her Lord.

“Right now my life is not 100% hunky-dorey,” Paula says. “But then nobody’s life ever is. I know the Lord is my savior and I will turn to Him!”

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