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"I turned myself over to God"

George had made it – seven years with no drug use! He was clean, married and had a son. Life was good – for a little while.

But then, things began “going downhill” when his wife landed in the penitentiary. George was trying to be a father to his son and support the little family at the same time. But it was all just too much. “I was torn...I had to be a father and provide for my family, which took me away from them. And we didn’t have God in our lives.”

When Child Protective Services became involved, George did the right thing – he turned custody of his son over to his parents.

But that didn’t ease George’s mental and emotional pain – in fact, it made it worse.Paula lived on her own for 10 years, harboring this “void” in her heart. Then, for a time, she moved “from place to place,” living with her children, with relatives and finally with a friend, until there was nobody left to turn to.

“I started using again.”

George went back to using meth – a highly addictive narcotic. Then, to get off the meth he began using synthetic marijuana, K2. But that was just as bad as meth!

Eventually, George’s drug use cost him his job. But when that door closed, another opened. His former boss, who was also in recovery, suggested he come here to the

Mission! It was less than a week before Christmas when George came here and turned his life over to God.

Just a month later, he was baptized!

“Today, I know that God loves me, no matter what!” he says. George is depending on God to guide his steps from here on out, just as is promised in Isaiah 40:31…“but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.”

“Sharing God with my son.”

George had never been a church-goer. Maybe that’s why his experience here at the Mission has been so different. “Now I know so much more about Jesus and God, and I’ve been taking it home to my son. I got to tell him the story of Genesis 9:11 – the promise of the rainbow. This place has given me peace with myself, with the things that happened in my marriage.”

George received great news not long before we did this interview – Child Protective Services is no longer involved in his life. “I never lost custody of him...and now we’re going to be a family again and have God in our lives!” he says with a smile.

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