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“They took us in without any questions”

Mary is a happily married mother of two. She’d been living with her family in one of three homes they owned on 20 acres, while they rented the others out. Then a disgruntled former tenant – someone who’d been evicted and forced to pay property damages – lashed out at her family... and their world turned upside down.

“She called CPS saying that we were doing drugs and abusing the children,” Mary says. “CPS investigated. We passed everything. The only thing they had a problem with was that we were living in a one-bedroom house. They said our children cannot go back to that house until we add another bedroom.”

“My kids would have been on the streets!” Mary and her husband decided to move into one of their larger rentals, but they had to wait for the tenants to move out. In the meantime, Mary and her children (who are three and four years old) came to Hiway 80 Rescue Mission’s Women and Family Shelter. Mary explains, “They immediately took us in without asking any questions.”

“The Mission is a life-saver.” Mary and her family are Christians who are very involved in their church, so she has been grateful for our daily devotions, chapel, and children’s program. “The fact that the shelter is Christ-centered means more to me than anything else. That continues to give my children the Christian foundation... the church life that I’m trying to raise them in,” she says. Mary doesn’t know how she would have protected and provided for her children if not for the Mission. “If the shelter wasn’t there, my kids and I would be on the street sleeping under a bridge,” she says. 

“The Mission means my children have a roof over their heads...somewhere to sleep, and we are safe.” To read our most recent issue of Good News, click here.

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