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“They change lives here.”

1016_h80_nl_02.jpgMorris was the "black sheep" of his family. "I had no direction. I was a wild kid. I was just what I shouldn't be."

He started smoking pot at 14 and using meth at 20. “I was running around with nowhere to go and nothing to look forward to. I was so angry,” he says. 

After 10 years in bondage to drugs, Morris decided he’d had enough. “One day, I was just ready to change my life, to do things differently.” 

His fiancée encouraged him to come to our New Creation Program, and he agreed. “That was the best thing I’ve ever done,” he says. “When I came here, I was at rock bottom spiritually. Now, I’ve grown closer to God. I’m spiritually filled.” 

His newfound faith has helped Morris heal in a number of ways. “I’m not angry, and I don’t have the desire to do drugs anymore. I’m a better person all the way around,” he says. “You have to have God in your life for things to change.” 

Morris graduated from the program, has his own place and just got promoted to a supervisor position at his work. He is still connected to his church and is doing well in his life. 

He gives all the credit for his transformation to God and the Mission. “They change lives here.”

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