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"The Lord's here every day...I should be too!"


Most of us take everyday things for granted. Food. Clean clothing. A shower. A place to sleep. Friends to encourage us. 

Tonya learned just how precious these “little things” can be after her mother died. 

“I became homeless and had to live in my car. I parked in the lot at the hospital because I felt safer there.” 

“I started coming to Gateway to Hope to take a shower and get a cup of coffee. This is like another family – there’s always someone to talk to, and someone who will listen!” 

The Mission also provides men and women like Tonya with clothing, a medical clinic, a place to do laundry, plus weekly life skills classes and Bible study. 

And even though Tonya was able to move into an apartment with a friend, she still continues to come to the Center. 

“I come here every morning,” she says with a smile. “If I don’t come, I feel like there’s something missing. I mean, the Lord’s working all the time, He never misses a day, and I can come here and talk to Him, and I feel so much better. It’s always a blessing!” 

Tonya doesn’t just come to get things for herself. “There’s always something I can do...clean the bathrooms, sweep up, clean the laundry room. I get tokens for helping out, so then I can take the bus and look for a job.” 

Tonya still grieves for her mother. She’s not only found physical help at the Mission, but friendship and spiritual support as well. 

“I bless the Lord for waking me up every morning, and giving me a place like Gateway where I can go!”

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