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From helping others...to needing help herself.

0216_nl_h80_02a.pngCarole was at the age when most people are ready to retire and take it easy.

But she was still working, and sending money to Texas to support six family members.

“My suspicions were aroused that something wasn’t right,” she says. “So I quit my job and came here to investigate.” Sure enough, there was a problem, so she called in

Child Protective Services to help.

In the meantime, Carole’s money ran out and she became ill. She ended up at a shelter in Tyler applying for Social Security. But they couldn’t find her records.

When her time at the shelter was up, Carole had run out of options.

Carole came from California to Texas to visit family she’d been helping out financially. But when she arrived, she found a situation bad enough that she had to call Child Protective Services!

As they sometimes say, “No good deed goes unpunished,” and within a short time her money ran out, and Carole was the one needing help.

At the same time, her physical problems began. “I had two fractures in my back, bronchial pneumonia and problems with my gallbladder. I was at another shelter, but then it was my time to leave.”

Flat broke, homeless, ill and feeling “very lost,” Carole was referred to our Women and Families Shelter.

Shelter Manager Tina Brown “opened doors” Carole thought were forever closed.

“Tina did more for me in two weeks than anyone could ever have done in a longer length of time. Within two weeks, everything was in order!”

While Carole was able to rest and recuperate from pneumonia, Tina went to work. She helped her qualify for Social Security Benefits and found a resource to pay for Carole’s medicines. “Now I’m paying $5 to $8 rather than $80 or $90!”

Carole is also grateful for Tina’s encouragement in her emotional healing and spiritual growth.

“I was very down when I came to the Mission,” Carole says. “Tina encourages you to reach inside and forget about the things that make you unhappy. I’ve learned to let go of things that made me bitter inside.”

Once her back is completely healed, Carole wants to be independent again. “I’ve done nursing and promotional work... or I might try something new. And I want to stay here in Texas because the people are nice and I have roots here now.”

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