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"God was calling me."


If you ask Jonathan what life was like before he came to the Mission, he’ll tell you that what he had really couldn’t be called a life.

“Every day was a struggle. It was all about getting the next fix.”

You see, Jonathan was just nine years old when he was handed his first marijuana joint by an uncle!

From pot, he progressed to methamphetamines, then to “whatever was going around.”

Jonathan was here at the Mission the first time in 2012. He left, got a job, got a car and got his life straightened out – for a time.

But about a year ago, he felt God calling him back to the Mission... calling him out of a life of drugs. “I told my friend I was staying with, ‘If we keep going like this, we’re going to die.’ That night, I packed my bags and walked two hours to the Mission!”

Jonathan joined our men’s New Creation Discipleship Program and has never looked back. He not only appreciates the tremendous changes the Mission has made in his life, but what it’s done for countless others.

“I’ve seen so many people come through here...lives have been turned around, families have been restored. I’ve never heard of a place that helps people as much as the Mission does.”

God has continued to speak to Jonathan during his time here at the Mission!

“I recognized that He was calling me to the ministry. I’m hoping and praying that my church and the Mission will help me go through seminary.”

Jonathan now has moved out, has a job and is also working around his church doing odd jobs.

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