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"From Death to Life"

“From death to life”

Chuck was raised in a happy, godly home. “I grew up with wonderful parents, a good household, and a very stable father who walked close with God,” he says. “Life was great for me as a kid.”

Then, when Chuck was 24, his father was killed and his life was changed forever. “I turned to alcohol and drugs to deal with the loss,” he says. “I got wrapped up in my addictions and I just kind of went through life passively.”

Chuck split with his first wife due to his “bad decisions,” but stayed clean and sober for 12 years during his second marriage. “The day that she left me, I turned to the things that I knew would help me deal with the sadness...and that was back to drugs and alcohol,” Chuck says.

This time, however, he not only used drugs, but got involved with manufacturing and selling them, which led to time in prison. “I was lost out there. I was living in guilt and shame,” he says. “I was living in such guilt that I told my family I was planning on being dead in three months, and that really was my goal.”

Then one night, God gave Chuck a vision of heaven and hell. “One was sitting right here and one was standing right there and I had to make a choice,” he says. “That was my moment of clarity.”

Chuck had stayed at Hiway 80 Rescue Mission when he’d been between jobs in the past, and he decided it was time to return. “I was beat up, broken down, and had no place to go, and that’s where God wanted me,” Chuck says. “God knew the only thing I could do was call out to Him. He knew I had to surrender and that I needed somebody to guide me through the process of healing.”

Through the Mission’s New Creation Program, Chuck found that guidance, found his sobriety, and recommitted his life to the Lord.

“The fellowship with other people striving for the same goal, being around the mentors and teachers we have – I couldn’t ask for anything better,” he says. “This is a different life and I’m a totally different person. It brought me from death to life.”

Today, Chuck has completed the New Creation Program, moved out of the Mission and he’s now working! “The old man is dead and the new person is in service to God,” Chuck says. “Wherever He needs me is where I’m going to go.”

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