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Changed Lives

Weary Hearts Rejoice With parents rarely home, and a brother deep in a world of drugs, Jerry fell into a lifestyle modeling his family’s. “I can remember being a little kid and having to carry backpacks full of drugs,” he shares. 
Morris was the "black sheep" of his family. "I had no direction. I was a wild kid. I was just what I shouldn't be." He started smoking pot at 14 and using meth at 20. “I was running around with nowhere to go and nothing to look forward to. I was so angry,” he says. 
Once upon a time, the Mission welcomed in two Shawns and a Sean to our Recovery Program... each of them leaving behind a past of destruction, and searching for a future of hope. These three men are alike in name, yet have very different stories... MEET SHAWN M.
Most of us take everyday things for granted. Food. Clean clothing. A shower. A place to sleep. Friends to encourage us.  Tonya learned just how precious these “little things” can be after her mother died. 
If you ask Jonathan what life was like before he came to the Mission, he’ll tell you that what he had really couldn’t be called a life. “Every day was a struggle. It was all about getting the next fix.”
Carole was at the age when most people are ready to retire and take it easy. But she was still working, and sending money to Texas to support six family members.
“From death to life” Chuck was raised in a happy, godly home. “I grew up with wonderful parents, a good household, and a very stable father who walked close with God,” he says. “Life was great for me as a kid.”
Mary is a happily married mother of two. She’d been living with her family in one of three homes they owned on 20 acres, while they rented the others out. Then a disgruntled former tenant – someone who’d been evicted and forced to pay property damages – lashed out at her family... and their world turned upside down.
George had made it – seven years with no drug use! He was clean, married and had a son. Life was good – for a little while.
Paula called herself a Christian because she grew up in a Christian home. But while the Gospel was etched into her head, it wasn’t written on her heart.
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