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Volunteer Spotlight

Mr. Fry, a dear friend and volunteer, came for a special visit to the mission in July. He and his wife, Margret, volunteered at the mission for about four years, tutoring men and women and checking Bible lessons for the guys in the New Creation program. Mr. & Mrs. Fry touched many lives while volunteering here at the mission. A few guys that Mr. Fry had tutored,and graduated the program years ago, heard Mr. Fry was coming for a visit and came to see him again. One coming in from Shreveport. Mr. Fry retired from volunteering three years ago due "to health reasons. He is currently in a nursing home and was awarded client of the month and with that he also got one wish. His wish was to come to Hiway 80 for a visit.  The Hiway 80 Rescue Mission has always meant so much to Mr. & Mrs. Fry",  says a friend. He got his wish! He loves the Lord and loves sharing the message of Christ to everyone. It was a very touching and emotional visit for all. Mr. Fry not only touched the lives of the missions client but also the staff.

If you would like information about volunteer oppourtunities at Hiway 80, give Ryan a call at 903-759-8101 ext. 228 or email him at ryanm@hiway80rm.org and see how you can get involved!





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